How do you become resident in the Principality?

The requistie conditions to enter and stay in the Principality of Monaco differ according to whether you wish to stay for less than 3 months or more than 3 months.


Conditions required for entry and residence in the Principality for a period not exceeding three months:

Any person of foreign nationality who wishes to enter Monégasque territory and stay there for a period not exceeding three months must have the documentation (passport, travel or identity document) required for entry into French territory. French subjects must merely be holders of the national identity card. No other formality is required of foreigners who wish to travel to Monaco.


Conditions required for entry and settlement in Monaco:

Any foreigner, except French subjects, who wishes to live in Monaco for a period longer than three months or establish residence there, must be the holder of a settlement visa. To obtain a settlement visa, the person concerned must apply to the French General Consulate nearest to his domicile.

Supplied with this visa, every foreigner over sixteen years of age is required to request within eight days of his arrival in the Principality of Monaco a residence permit from the Foreigners’ Section of the Directorate of the Police Service. The process typically takes three months.

Mazza Immobilier is fully equipped to advise our clients as to the detailed steps which they will have to undertake according to their specific circumstances and the documentation that needs to be obtained, using both our in-house expertise and that of our selected and trusted partners.